Use the card every time you shop to earn for your school or nonprofit organization!

Make a Difference!

Stop in at Gene’s Fine Foods of Saratoga and ask for a Community Card.

Once you sign up, your purchases create automatic contributions that go to your favorite school or nonprofit.

Earn up to 5% of your purchase amount when you show your card at check out.

Access your personal reports at
to see how much you have earned for your group.

Rich Giomi

Since it's founding in 1928, Gene’s Fine Foods of Saratoga has been a family business. We like to think of our customers and community as family too. We’ve partnered with eScrip so that we can help engage, support, and improve the communities where our customers and employees work and live.

We invited you to stop in at Gene’s Fine Foods, pick up a card, and sign up with eScrip to earn for your favorite school or nonprofit every time you shop!


Rich Giomi, Owner of Gene’s Fine Foods of Saratoga