Holiday Market Serving You More card

Holiday Market of Canton
520 S Lilley Road
Canton, MI  48188


1% On Monthly Purchases Between $1 - $300
2% On Monthly Purchases Between $301 - $600
3% On Monthly Purchases Over $601 - $999

Here's how it works:
If your monthly purchases totaled $650.00 your donation earned would be $10.50
$300 x 1% + $300 x 2% + $50 x 3% = $10.50

Exclusions include: vendor coupon discounts, sales tax, cash back, Alcohol and Tobacco, U.S. postage stamps, lottery, sports or amusement park tickets, money orders, State Redemption value (MRV or ORV. Holiday Market reserves the right to exclude additional purchase transaction types in the future.

Terms & Conditions:
Holiday Market allocates $20 thousand annually through the Holiday Market eScrip program to enrolled eScrip groups. Should contributions exceed the contribution goal, supporter contributions will be adjusted accordingly.

Cards Accepted:
Present your registered Holiday Market Serving You More card when making your purchase. Use of your registered Holiday Market Serving You More card is required at checkout to automatically track your purchase and contributions to your organization.

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