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Earn with Your Registered Credit or Debit Cards

Shop with Piedmont Grocery and make a difference for your favorite school or nonprofit.

Be a part of it:

  1. Sign up with eScrip and select your school or nonprofit to support. It's free!
  2. Add payment cards to your account: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and debit cards.
  3. Shop at Piedmont Grocery and pay with your registered cards to earn up to 5% for your favorite school or nonprofit.

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Earning Details

To use eScrip, there isn’t one “special” card, but rather it’s activated by registering store club cards, loyalty cards and community cards for grocers and drug stores, and by registering the credit cards and debit cards that you use when you shop in town or when you dine out. This translates into money back to the organizations you choose to support. For this merchant, you’ll register credit and debit cards to earn up to 5% back on purchases when you pay with those cards.

Contributions - VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, debit cards and Diners

3% on monthly purchases between $0-$100

+ 4% on monthly purchases between $100-$300

+ 5% on monthly purchases above $300

Here’s how it works: If your monthly purchases totaled $500.00 your donation earned would be $21, like so: ($100 x 3%) + ($200 x 4%) + ($200 x 5%) = $21.00
Card Security

eScrip will never charge anything to your card!

Details provided to ESI (eScrip) are only used to identify transactions at participating merchants, in order to calculate earned contributions for the organizations you support.

Card details are encrypted and stored in a secure environment.

For added security, we do not ask for secure information such as the expiration date or your card security code (CSC)/ card verification value (CVV).

Fundraising Coordinators

Coordinators - get your families signed up and shopping! Here is a flyer you can use to share. Download the flyer, type in your organizations name, save it and then send it in email or print it to send home on paper.

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Need to get your organization enrolled so they can start earning with eScrip? Download an enrollment form and get started!

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eScrip partners with generous merchants like Piedmont Grocery to help our schools & communities.