Petaluma Market Community Card

Petaluma Market
210 Western Ave
Petaluma, CA 94952
1% Rebate between $0 and $100 in monthly purchases
2% Rebate between $100.01 and $300 in monthly purchases
3% Rebate between $300.01 and $500 in monthly purchases
4% Rebate between $500.01 and $800 in monthly purchases
5% Rebate over $800 in monthly purchases

Here's how it works:
If your monthly purchases totaled $500.00, your contribution earned would be $11.00:
$100 x 1% + $200 x 2% + $200 x 3% = $11.00

Monthly qualifying purchases exclude: tobacco, sushi, floral, postage, newspapers.

In order to participate in the Petaluma Market eScrip program, you must first register your Petaluma Community Card, choosing your preferred organization(s) for contribution. Present your registered Petaluma Community Card at checkout to track your qualifying purchases and contributions to your chosen organization(s).

Cards Accepted:
Petaluma Market Community Card.

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